Mystery and Memoir

Omaha to Ogallala a memoir

Debut memoir published 2019 by S&H publishing.


Returning to Dad's home state on an idealistic seven-day trip dubbed The Wise Woman Summit, the Korth sisters trek across Nebraska with hopes of rekindling their childhood friendship. The independent, tenacious, and often outspoken women differ at every turn. Plans go haywire, emotions explode, and the family begins to unravel. When it's discovered the youngest, adopted sister is searching for her birth mother, all hope for a sisterly bond is threatened. Can they work things out or will personal desires and overwhelming family expectations split the family apart?

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A Rory Neysmith Mystery



  When Rory Neysmith, a loner detective and heart attack survivor, takes a job in a small town the police chief insists he solve a case which baffles the department, and despite his less than stellar physical condition and the resentment of his fellow officers, he sets out to prove himself worthy. But one body too many turns up and an elderly woman goes missing forcing him to turn to a rookie and a retired bookkeeper for help. Together they uncover a scheme to defraud the town and when the rookie disappears, Rory must find the physical and inner strength to solve the case or lose all their lives trying.

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Anthologies and Workbooks

Spies & Heroes


 Seventeen original stories by English-speaking authors from various corners of the globe. Some of the stories are potpourri, subtle clouds of poignant fragrances, while others are awash with the stench of human evils. 

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Saints & Heathens


 This collection of stories will make you wonder where black turns to gray and gray slides into white. Good and evil from the distant past and distant galaxies blend with tales from right around the corner. 

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CLAW Selections Fall 2015


 What do vintage radios, computer programmers, and plumbing have in common? Clear Lake Area Writers. A collection of writings from this unique group contains short stories, poems, and essays. 

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CLAW Selections Fall 2016


 A Selection of writings from the Clear Lake Area Writers, poets, essayists, story-tellers. The perfect book for a rainy afternoon or a tale before bed. 

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CLAW Selections 2017-2018


Contributions from nine authors whose passion for writing spans 9 to 90 years. This anthology illustrates that a common passion for reading, the desire to learn, and sharing the writing life can bind people together in a way that enriches their minds and makes each individual more creative. 

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A Time for Me


Most people don’t write because they think there are rules that can’t be violated. Not so! Story writing is fun and shouldn’t be reduced to bullet points. Take time for yourself. Write, read, dream-a place to get lost and then found. 

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